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Cradle of humankind, South Africa

The cradle of humankind is situated around 40 kms from Johannesburg, in an area with many caves, some of them explored, others not yet.

The Sterkfontein caves, where the remains are found of hudreds of fossils of humanids. The first were discovered by chance, when Italians were looking for laterite for the gold production.

The Maropeng museum:

City park at the Zoo, Johannesburg

Inside the mine, Johannesburg

No, not a functioning one anymore, they’re mining at 4 kms below the surface now, but still a good experience

Mine town Johannesburg

Johannesburg grew around a goldmine, and they want to know their history!

Prison Block 4, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg

The infamous prison block 4, where almost all anti-apartheid activists have been imprisoned several times