Farewell to the women of South Sudan

The women of South Sudan are strong, they have to be. Once again the women and the children are the main victims of the fighting that’s going on in the country. At the same time, they hardly get a chance to be part of the peace negotiations. As in many other cases, they’re mostly ignored and not they are not able to build their own future. They try though, by taking action through their own women’s organisations, by making the voice of civil society get heard.I will not be there anymore to support them in their struggle. The VSO-program in South Sudan has officially been closed down, so I will not go back to Wau anymore.

To honour the women I’ve been working with and working for, on the occassion of International Women’s Day a hommage to the women of South Sudan.

vrouw oud kleinvrouw sprekend kleinvrouw met ketting kleinvrouw met haarnet kleinvrouw voor huisvrouw met kinderen klein

vrouw met kind en zak kleinvrouw met hoofddoek kleinvrouw starend  kleinvrouw met cassave kleinvrouw met kind kleinLindavrouw landbouw kleinTeresameisje kleinmeisje luisterend kleinvrouw met hand voor gezicht kleinVerloving kleinvrouw met vinger in mond kleinTereza


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