What I’m proud of

I’m proud of this:

  • The surprised understanding in her eyes when slowly she starts to grasp that you really don’t beat up a thief, but hand him over to the authorities unharmed
  • The young lady who, after a lot of hesitation, seizes the microphone and gives her presentation to the dignitaries herself instead of leaving it to someone else
  • The provincial board of the association who, after a long discussion, understand that you’re not just upward accountable to your political bosses and donors, but also downward accountable to the people you represent and who, for that reason, decide to send all their reports, including the financial ones, to their members
  • The prisoner who, after a sidelong glance at the whips of his guards, raises his hand to ask which role he can play in the discussion about the new constitution
  • The young man who, with a lot of effort, manages to be admitted for his master studies at a good university abroad
  • The too fat colleague who one day puts in her tea half the amount of sugar she normally uses, because “I have learned that eating too much sugar is bad for your health”
  • The NGO-network leader who takes his responsibility and makes a constructive critical speech at a government congress to demand a place for the NGOs in the implementation of the new policies.
  • The constantly moving extension worker who spends a whole day reading behind his computer to be able to come up with new suggestions for participatory training exercises
  • The 16-year old, recently married girl who couldn’t have lunch together with the rest of the group because she wasn’t allowed to eat at the same time as her mother-in-law, but drags the whole group, including her mother-in-law, along to develop a performance showing what they have learned the last days

I’m proud of these people who dare to go that extra mile, although it might be scary or difficult. Proud of these people who leave their comfort zone behind and try new things, for personal growth or to make a bigger contribution to their commmunity. And I’m proud that I have been able to make a contribution to that.


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