Musea in Bonn

IMG_0016 (Large)The Beethoven house is situated in the centre of Bonn. It’s the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, but there is little left of the historical furnishings. Nevertheless it’s a very interesting museum if (like me!) you know very little about Beethoven and his background.

IMG_0176 (Large)The modern architecture of the Art Museum Bonn (by Axel Schultes) fits a museum of modern art perfectly. It is situated at the Museum Mile, opposite of the Bundeskunsthalle, with which it shares this square.  Nice is that the museum, dedicated to German art after 1945, contains so many regional but internationally famous artists.

IMG_0173 (Large)Again at the Museum Mile, and as far as I’m concerned the surprise of Bonn: the “Haus der Geschichte” (the house of history), a museum about German history since 1945. Germany is so close, so often on tv, that you’re inclined to think you know most things about it. Here it turned out there are a lot of things I don’t know, especially from the period before 1980 or so. The museum is designed in such a way that you can easily take a global look at everything or dive in as deeply as you wish (guess what I did…). I liked especially the opposition of the history in East and West Germany, although sometimes the text about East Germany were a bit coloured by the views of the victors. I have seen far from everything, so will have to go back again?


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