Moto taxi

P1020140 bewerkt (Large)
The most used means of transport in Kigali is the moto taxi. They are everywhere, always, and very cheap (sometimes you need to haggle a bit, but even than, it’s about 10 or 20 cents). The abilities of the driver vary a lot, and some of them don’t stick to the traffic rules,  but usually they’re ok. I regularly use them and most of the times I tell them to drive slow (over 70 kms/h, down a steep and curving slope with cars coming from side streets was a bit too much for me), but last time there was one who understood this a bit too well. I almost told him to drive a bit faster… considering the learning curve, I didn’t do it (he was adhering to the maximum speed of 40 kms/h and breaking before every hump). Even as a passenger, you’re not allowed to ride without a helmet (and yes, they enforce the rules), so all moto taxis carry a helmet for their passengers. The quality makes is more of a decorative item than real protection, so I prefer to use my own. Which some bystanders find very funny…

P1020298 bewerkt (Large) P1020662 bewerkt (Large)


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