Is this Africa? Part 4

When someone mentions  “Africa” we automatically create pictures in our mind. Savannahs with wild animals, dry deserts, hungry children, make-shift shacks, ongoing war… Romantic or desperate, the word has a lot of connotations. Of course most people know that Africa is a large continent with a lot of diversity, know that every country (54 recognised states!) has its own culture and nature. Still, those subconscious images are so strong that, if confronted with something that deviates from them,  there will be a kind of alienation, the question “is this Africa?”

I’ve had (and loved) that experience several times over the last days. That’s the reason for a series of blogs with photos of Kigali, raising the question is this Africa? to me. Obviously the choice says more about my  prejudices (and earlier experience in completely different South Sudan), than about the reality in Africa. Let me know what you think about it!

Part 1: Is dit Africa… or western suburbia?
Part 2: Is this Africa… or regulated traffic?
Part 3: Is this Africa… or a well-maintained park?
Part 4: Is this Africa… or a village in the South of France?


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