The weather

What is it about the weather that everyone always complains about it and wants to change it?

Ok, in the Netherlands or the UK I get it. Days of gray and overcast skies with a continuous drizzle falling… I can imagine that doesn’t bring you in a sunny mood. Scandinavian or Canadian temperatures of 30 or 40 degrees below zero with a biting wind, I understand the longing for warmth. Or the opposite, the people in Wau just before the rainy season, temperatures above 45 degrees and red dust everywhere, hoping for a rain shower to cool everything down, yes. The humid heat in Cambodia can really be very tiresome. But here in Rwanda, with the most agreeable climate you can imagine? With the kind of weather we always long for… Around 25, maximum 30 degrees at daytime, sunny, with a cooling breeze. Cooling down in the evening till 15 to 18 degrees. Still nice, but also comfortable to sleep with. What’s here to complain?

Well, the Rwandans think differently. They puff and sigh because it’s too hot in the dry season (now) and wear sweaters because it’s too cold during or just after the rain showers in the rainy season, when it’s still at least 20 degrees and my short-sleeved blouse quite comfortable. I’ve laughed at them several times after all the complaints, but that they don’t understand.


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