Presidential palace museum

P1020548 bewerkt (Large)April 6th, 1994, the then Rwandese president Habyarimana, after a meeting with heads of state in Dar es Salaam, flew back home with his Burundian counterpart. Close to his destination, the military airport in Kigali, the airplane was shot. It crashed in his own back garden, none of the passengers survived. The next morning, the genocide started.

That this incident was the trigger for the genocide, no one doubts, but who shot the plane will probably never be proven. The crash was the spark that caused the explosion, but it was prepared for a long time. The genocide wasn’t an incident,  it didn’t come into being overnight, but was well prepared. That happened here, in the presidential palace.

The house of a president who was, clearly with good reason, pretty paranoid, so didn’t dare to live in the centre of Kigali but had a house built close to the military barracks. A house with secret doors, escape routes and sensors built into the staircase to check all movements. During the genocide, the house has been looted, so not much is left of the original interior, but the next president still managed to live there. The current is living in the centre of the city again.


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