My house has been flooded. No, I don’t live in that house on the beach in de beautiful coastal town of Limbe, as we should have been (still not safe enough to go there) and where a tsunami or hurricane could have caused damage. I live in Cameroons capital Yaoundé. And no, it wasn’t the rainy season that caused the water to stream from the streets into my house. Would be possible, as the streets are flooded regularly, but I live in an apartment on the second floor. It’s not a natural disaster that  caused the flooding.

On the roof of our building there are two big water tanks. Nice buffer in case there’s no water coming from the pipes. Less nice if the system that should indicate that the tank is full doesn’t work. Then the water keeps flowing into the tank, and the tank overflows. Which causes the water to run into the staircase, splashing down over five stories. Now I hear you think, that’s annoying, but it doesn’t mean your house is flooded. Right, but… there’s not threshold in front of the front door of my house (there is one in front of the balcony door, and one in front of the bathroom door), and the floor of the living room turns out to be several millimeters below the floor in the staircase. Hence, the water flows right into my living room.   If I visit at a ground floor house to see if I want to rent it, I do look whether there is a threshold to keep the rainwater out, but I didn’t think about this possibility.

To make matters worse, it wasn’t properly repaired the first time, so the next morning we heard the water splashing down again, and the morning after that again. They’re busy with a more thorough repair now, so I hope it was the last time!

I don’t think I’ll fancy visiting a waterfall anytime soon…

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