MarouschkaThis blog is about what happens if you follow your dreams. For a long time I’ve wanted to live and work abroad, in a developing country. In July 2012 I arrived in Juba, the capital the newest country of the world, South Sudan. Two weeks later I went to Wau, the capital of the state Western Bahr el Ghazal where I would be working and living for the next two years. Working with a women’s organisation, to build their capacity. Share my knowledge and experience with them and at the same time learning a lot from them as well. I lived in a house in the centre of the town, together with my husband, having only local facilities. I enjoyed my time there very much, but in December 2013 we had to leave because large-scale fighting broke out and it was not safe to stay anymore. But that doesn’t mean the end of the dream. In June 2014 I left again for a developing country. Not in Africa this time, but in Asia. The next one and a half years I will be living in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Again: believe in what I do and do what I believe in.

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