Kribi - Since Limbe isn’t safe enough anymore, Kribi is the only beach town left in Cameroon. Not a bad place to spend a few days.
Women - Every day again, women are abused, maltreated, oppressed or denied opportunities. And every day again, there are women that fight against abuse, maltreatment, oppression, and who give others opportunities. At this International Women’s Day, this is my gift to them, so there will shine a light for all of them in their darkness. May your … Continue reading Women
Ebogo - The river Nyong The “big tree”, more than 12 metres in diameter, more than 300 years old The mangrove wood, where you can take your boats under the roots
Saint Anasthasius wood, Yaoundé - Nothing more than a small park of 100 by 200 metres, and next to one of the busiest roads in Yaoundé, so the indication “wood” is a bit exaggerated. Nevertheless, it’s a nice green spot to spend some time.
Lions, Bouba Ndjida NP - 14 in total, of which 10 in these pictures
Bouba Ndjida lodge - Nice rooms in boukarous, inspired on local buildings, a great view over the partially dry river, nice for wildlife spotting, and a good kitchen. What more could you wish for!
Rocks around Benoue river - Small part of the Benoue runs between the rocks, which gives wonderful lines And you can even swim there
Benoue river, Benoue NP - The Benoue river gives its name to the national park, and flows right through the heart of it.
Night train - The night train from Yaoundé to Ngaoundere turned out to be surprisingly comfortable. A decent bed in which you get some sleep, diner and breakfast served in the restaurant or on your bed, not bad. Less agreeable were the many stops during the night and the delay at arrival. Then again, during the daytime stops … Continue reading Night train
Maintenance - Cameroonians don’t seem to understand the concept of maintenance. This doesn’t mean they don’t value beautiful things, they do. But beautiful is new and when used it becomes less beautiful. Whether it’s furniture, cars, buildings or public space, it doesn’t matter. They make a beautiful new product and use it until it breaks down (and … Continue reading Maintenance
Car and taxi quality - It’s busy on the street, cars everywhere, mainly the yellow cabs racing past us. We hear a loud bang, immediately recognizable if you’ve heard it before, but something we’re not used to anymore in Europe. A blowout, the tire of a taxi has burst. One of the yellow taxis heads for the side of the … Continue reading Car and taxi quality
(Un)predictable public holidays - Yesterday at 9pm, we heard that today would be a holiday. Today is the inauguration of the new/old president, and to make sure that everyone would be able to cheer for him, he had decided that everyone would receive a day off. In the Netherlands, we know years ahead when the school will be closed … Continue reading (Un)predictable public holidays
Flooded - My house has been flooded. No, I don’t live in that house on the beach in de beautiful coastal town of Limbe, as we should have been (still not safe enough to go there) and where a tsunami or hurricane could have caused damage. I live in Cameroons capital Yaoundé. And no, it wasn’t the … Continue reading Flooded

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