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Cradle of humankind, South Africa

The cradle of humankind is situated around 40 kms from Johannesburg, in an area with many caves, some of them explored, others not yet.

The Sterkfontein caves, where the remains are found of hudreds of fossils of humanids. The first were discovered by chance, when Italians were looking for laterite for the gold production.

The Maropeng museum:

Entry gate to the sultan’s palace, Foumban

The current gate
The historical gate, in the museum in Dschang

Olympia museum

Very much recommended! Unique pieces, lots of information and clear exhibitions.

Acropolis museum, Athens

The glass facade of the beautiful new museum reflects the Acropolis
The sculputures from the Parthenon are exhibited with a view on the original building
There is no place in this city where you don’t find archeological remains, so there has been a huge excavation before building the musseum. The results are visible through the floor of the museum.

National museum, Huye

Historically, Huye is the intellectual heart of Rwanda, with the university and, consequently, hosts the National museum as well. The museum offers good exhibitions (trilingual!) About the history and the customs in Rwanda and is definitely worth a visit.